Athletic Director Credits Valir Physical Therapy for Eliminating Shoulder Pain

Dr. Dick Balenseifen, Putnam City Schools Athletic Director

Putnam City Schools Athletic Director, Dr. Dick Balenseifen enjoys watching his district athletes compete, as an athlete himself he stays active as an avid hunter, fisher, and skier, among other sports – mobility has never been an issue. But, while participating in a bowling tournament he experienced a shoulder injury that caused pain and discomfort that persisted for more than a month before he decided to make an appointment with an orthopedic physician. An MRI showed a slight tear in his labrum; his physician suggested he try physical therapy before undergoing the knife for surgical repair, and referred him to Valir Physical Therapy in Yukon.

“After a week of PT the discomfort started to decrease and my range of motion and use of the shoulder started to drastically improve,”said Balenseifen. “The therapy team at Valir did a fine job of both demonstrating the exercises and executing the treatment plan.”

Balenseifen credits Yukon clinic manager Mark Palmer with his recovery, “I was completely impressed with the entire experience, Mark is one of the best health care providers I have
ever been around.”

After five weeks of therapy his shoulder pain was gone and he was once again able to play basketball, throw a football, and return to his active lifestyle. “I believe physical therapy saved me from shoulder surgery. I’m grateful that my doctor recommended Valir for my treatment. I too have recommended colleagues, friends, and student athletes, and will continue to sing Valir’s praises.”

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