The Right Care

At Valir Health, we are a comprehensive healthcare organization specializing in a full range of medical services.  Based in Oklahoma, Valir Health provides uncompromised service to each patient and client we serve.  From inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation and workforce wellness to end-of-life care, Valir ensures that patients are treated in the right place, at the right time, with the right care.

PACE Participant Feedback

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“I was at St. Anthony’s recovering from a stroke and my Sooner Care was about to expire. A Valir PACE representative came and talked to me about the benefits of the program. I didn’t trust people after friends took advantage of me during the beginning of my recovery. I was not sure how life could go on. Valir PACE literally saved my life. It is why I love this place. Within the first nine days of attending PACE, I was able to find hope in life, made friends with other participants, and continued recovering from my stroke. PACE, to me, stands for Professional And Caring Employees/Environment. It is a good place and the employees can’t fake how nice they are. I hope this place never goes away. I know in some aspects PACE will be a part of me for the rest of my life.”
– Leslie Shaw, Jr., Participant since September 2015
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“Dear Valir Team:
Just a note to thank you and all involved in making our trip to the art festival possible. For the couple of hours we were there I have not felt so invigorated, young and happy in years. There was no pain, no ailments, no worries, just the most wonderful happiness in many, many years. I know this had to take a lot of planning for everyone. The staff and drivers were great and everyone pulled together to make our trip so special. Thank you again I had the time of my life. I love Valir PACE and I am so glad to be here! Love you Guys”
– Bev Jones, Participant since May 2015

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