PACE Participant Feedback

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“I was at St. Anthony’s recovering from a stroke and my Sooner Care was about to expire. A Valir PACE representative came and talked to me about the benefits of the program. I didn’t trust people after friends took advantage of me during the beginning of my recovery. I was not sure how life could go on. Valir PACE literally saved my life. It is why I love this place. Within the first nine days of attending PACE, I was able to find hope in life, made friends with other participants, and continued recovering from my stroke. PACE, to me, stands for Professional And Caring Employees/Environment. It is a good place and the employees can’t fake how nice they are. I hope this place never goes away. I know in some aspects PACE will be a part of me for the rest of my life.”
– Leslie Shaw, Jr., Participant since September 2015
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“Dear Valir Team:
Just a note to thank you and all involved in making our trip to the art festival possible. For the couple of hours we were there I have not felt so invigorated, young and happy in years. There was no pain, no ailments, no worries, just the most wonderful happiness in many, many years. I know this had to take a lot of planning for everyone. The staff and drivers were great and everyone pulled together to make our trip so special. Thank you again I had the time of my life. I love Valir PACE and I am so glad to be here! Love you Guys”
– Bev Jones, Participant since May 2015


“When I was stopped over and in intense pain and could barely life my arms…so weak I couldn’t open a water bottle – Shamika took me from a feeling of useless depression to a spirit of “I can” with encouragement to start slow, gradually and steadily increase exercises and difficulty of exercises. Today I am lifting weights and riding the elliptical bike. Thank you for your patience and well thought out plans for me Shamika.

​The Tai Chi classes have helped me many ways. It provides emotional stress release and helps my anxiety levels remain low. It improves my balance. I have not fallen since taking Tai Chi classes. My breathing, strength and heart rate have improved. My wellbeing – physical, emotional, and spiritual – has improved largely due to the diligence of our PT staff. I thank you (Shelby and Amanda) for giving me my life back.”
– Sharon Gibson, Participant since September 2016

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