Valir First to Achieve Platinum Level Recognition from WorkHealthy Hospitals

Bill Turner and Kristi Cox receive recognition plaque at the 2017 WorkHealthy Hospitals Summit

Valir Health is the first Oklahoma Hospital to earn the Platinum Level recognition in all nine functional areas of Wellness in the WorkHealthy Hospital health and wellness initiative.

WorkHealthy Hospitals is a unique, comprehensive, and sustainable approach to helping Oklahoma hospitals change and improve their culture of health and wellness by helping employees improve their health through organization system changes. It is aimed at helping hospital leadership, along with employee input, make permanent infrastructure changes in policies, environment and benefits within which their specific wellness programs will fit. It also assists hospitals in setting a visible wellness standard for their community.

“We are truly proud to be recognized by Work Healthy Hospitals for the Valir WellAware program. To be the first to achieve platinum level in all 9 functional areas is a special honor,” said Bill Turner, Valir’s vice president of Human Resources. “This affirms that the Valir WellAware program is the gold standard for Wellness in Oklahoma City.”

The Oklahoma Hospital Association (OHA) launched this initiative in 2013 in collaboration with Prevention Partners in North Carolina. It is funded by the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET). In July of 2016, OHA began re-evaluating the current WorkHealthy Hospitals’ organizational wellness assessment tool to ensure that all hospitals have access to high quality employee health improvement benchmarking and individualized support resources to achieve a culture of wellness. This evaluation led to a plan to develop a new online assessment tool, making it more comprehensive and cost effective for their member hospitals. OHA and the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) Working Well initiative have partnered to make this happen. Together, they are developing this improved online resource tool that provides hospitals with more user-friendly and improved assessment capabilities.

Valir, like other participating hospitals has gethered their wellness team and have completed the online assessment of the workplace’s health policies, benefits and environments to determine the current status of the organization’s wellness. From these baseline outcomes, they’ve received recommendations and action plans tailored to Valir. The action plans have guided the Wellness team through a process to identify and prioritize evidence-based wellness policies and system change strategies that are effective and efficient. With the help of WorkHealthy Valir has learned how to make “the healthy choice, the easy choice” for employees and guests.

Benefits for hospitals include reduced absenteeism and health care costs, improved productivity and staff morale, reduced employee turnover.

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