Spinal Cord Injuries

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A Place For Healing.

The effects of a spinal cord injury can be devastating.  The professionals at Valir Rehabilitation Hospital understand what it takes to restore an individual’s ability to live independently and we offer a comprehensive program to help patients attain this goal.

Helping hands make the difference. 
The spinal cord injury program features an interdisciplinary team of specialists, including:

  • Physicians (physical medicine and rehabilitation)
  • Therapists (physical, occupational, speech, recreational and respiratory)
  • Rehabilitation nurses
  • Case managers
  • Dietitians
  • Pharmacists

Valir’s spinal cord injury program emphasizes:

  • Home and work evaluations conducted by a licensed therapist
  • Wheelchair seating and positioning expertise
  • Electrical stimulation and other modalities for muscular return and strengthening
  • Community resources for the patient and family to manage the diagnosis and its effects
  • Caregiver education to assist the family with their role in the patient’s treatment plan

Click here to download a brochure about our Spinal Cord Injury Program.

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